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Why Dogs scratch the grass after pooping and peeing

You may wonder why your dog tears up the grass after peeing or poop, well after some research this is what I have found out, hope this article is insightful.

This dog behavior is a way to mark their territory. By nature, and in the wild, canines are territorial. … The scents released from dogs‘ feet is more pungent and lasts longer than the scents of urine and feces. When a dog kicks the ground after defecating, they are releasing pheromones onto the ground.

When you let your dog outdoors to take care of business and notice grass, sand, dirt being kicked behind them, it’s easy to think that the behavior is just a way to keep their area clean. In truth, it’s actually a safety mechanism and an important part of how they communicate as a species.

If you notice your dog scraping frantically at the ground or kicking debris behind them, it’s usually an act of marking their territory, formerly known as “scrape behavior.” While you may not always catch your dog in the act, their bodies are busy producing an important chemical reaction that allows them to communicate with other canines.

The behavior dates back thousands of years, when dogs lived in the wild and were responsible for fending off prey. In the presence of other dogs, the action was used as a protection method.

Our dogs consider pooping as a way of sending a message to other dogs that the ground they just did the deed on, is theirs. By kicking up dirt afterward, they’re compounding the scent of the bathroom along with the pheromones coming from their feet glands to create one strong scent. In addition, the disturbed grass also serves as a visual clue to other dogs that they’re walking on someone else’s territory.

Your pup isn’t attempting to ruin the lawn, but simply letting other dogs know they’re in charge. But it’s not always a warning to “back-off” — this form of communication also allows canines to alert other dogs that there isn’t a present threat in the area. If another dog comes near, they’ll immediately know that another animal of the same species is close by. When surrounded by other dogs during visits to the dog park, it’s normal for this action to go into overdrive.

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