When it comes to watching your pets, it’s best that you choose a company that goes above and beyond your needs, has an amazing reputation and 5 star reviews.

We Care Pet Services is one of those companies, and we believe that your pet deserves the very best care, love and attention. I have been a pet owner for over 20 years, and have adopted and rescued many dogs and cats, so I know the importance of giving the very best care.

We offer three types of pet sitting:

We can stay at your home while you are away, allowing your pets the comfort of staying in the environment they are use to. We charge $65/day for this services.

We offer in home sitting for dogs under 15 pounds, that have all the required shots, that are good with other dogs and children. We charge $65/day for this type of services.

We also offer a service where your pets stay at home, and we stop over for 30 minutes per visit and spend time playing, feeding and checking water levels. We charge $25/per visit for this service.

Looking forward to providing this type of service for your pets, which ever service works for you, your family and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

The way it works is easy, during our first meeting, which we call the meet & greet, we will go over everything that you need, what your pet needs to be comfortable, and then decide together which service is best.

We will provide you and pet the very best in pet care that is our mission, and we go above and beyond to make it happen.

Pet Sitting costs:

$65/day for staying at your home with your pets

$25/per visit if your pet stays home and we come and spend 30 minutes per visit.

Booking is simple:

Call or text us at (702) 477-5034


Go to book appointment on this website and choose your days and we will call you back and confirm.

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