We Care Pet Services is a strong advocate of getting your dogs out of the house or yard and taking walks around the area they live.

We provide 30, 45 and 60 minute walks depending on the age, weight, and physical capabilities of your dogs.

Our mission for the walks is to provide the much needed exercise for weight loss if needed, cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure and build stronger bones and muscles.

Choosing the correct about of walk time and frequency is your choice as an owner, and We Care Pet Services is here to provide the perfect amount of time desired for your beloved dogs.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Walking your dog weekly is a very important job as a pet owner, and the benefits for your dogs is better health, longer life span and overall happiness.

We offer the following:

30 minute basic walk

45 minute walk

60 minute walk

The length of walk is your choice as the owner, we love spending as much time with our clients as possible.

We Care Pet Services has some of the most completive prices for dog walking in the Las Vegas valley.

Our prices:

30 minute walk   $25.00

45 minute walk   $35.00

60 minute walk   $45.00

Booking your dog walk is simple process, we offer three easy ways to book your appointments with us.



(702) 477-5034

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